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Updated 09/20/22


The Brentwood Ball Club partners with Williamson County Park & Recreation (WCPR) to offer our basketball program. Age groups for our league range from 5YOs to 18YOs. Players will register to an age division based on their age as of 08/31/22. Players 19 on or before 03/02/23 will be ineligible to play.

Because we will have a limited number of registration spots, registration will close as soon as we reach the limit. For last year, registration reached the waitlist in 24 hours.

Players can only play on one team. If you register for two teams, we will follow the refund policy below.

No recreation level team can have more than two varsity middle school players on one team.

Below is the complete rule set from WCPR for the 2022-2023 season.
wcpr youth basketball rules 2022-2023.pdf

Below is the summary of rules to be used for the season. We will have a head coach meeting and may make adjustments for divisions that are Brentwood vs Brentwood only (as we did last year).
Summary List

Per team: The minimum roster is 8 players, and the maximum roster is 10 players. Registration is priced based on a minimum of 8 players. 

How to Register
1. Click here if you do not have an account through our website and need help registering.

2. Once logged into your account, you will see Programs Available to the right of your player's name once registration opens at 7PM on 09/20. Click and complete all the way through the payment screen. If you do not get a confirmation email, that indicates you did not finish your registration. Log back in, click the cart icon in the upper right and complete.

3. When registering your player, we will collect parent waiver signatures along with player info such as grade, school, neighborhood, uniform size, coach request and teammate requests.

4. We will follow any guidelines required by WCPR and the schools for COVID safety to use their gyms. If you are unable to support the requirements, please do not register your player. At this time, we are not aware of any requirements.

What Division to Register to
Based on their age on 09/01/22, players will have the opportunity to register for the division of their current age and typically one age group higher. We suggest unless your player is advanced, to register your player for the youngest age division offered.

Below are the divisions we offer:
·       5/6YO Coed where players cannot turn 7 before 08/31/22 (pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st graders)
·       7/8YO Boys & Girls where players cannot turn 9 before 08/31/22 (1st, 2nd, 3rd graders)
·       9/10YO Boys & Girls where players cannot turn 11 before 08/31/22 (3rd, 4th, 5th graders)
·       11/12YO Boys & Girls where players cannot turn 13 before 08/31/22 (5th, 6th and 7th graders)
·       13/14YO Boys where players cannot turn 15 before 08/31/22 (primarily 7th and 8th graders)
·       15/18YO Boys where players cannot turn 19 before 03/02/23 (high schoolers)

5/6YO Note: Last year, we separated our 14 teams into divisions based on 1st grade in the North Division and Preschool/Kindergarten in the South Division.
7/8YO Boys Note: Last year, we separated our 16 teams into divisions based on 3rd grade in the North Division and 1st/2nd grade in the South Division. We also used that grouping approach for the end of season in-house tournament.
9/10YO Boys Note: Last year, we separated our 12 teams between North (older teams) and South (younger teams) and used that grouping approach for the end of season in-house tournament.
11/12YO Boys Note: Last year, we scheduled our 11 teams to play similar like teams during the season and then we created a North and South Division for the end of season in-house tournament.
Other: Any registration transfers after the initial registration with a difference of $15 or less, that amount won't be refunded.

Rec Division Teams – 5YO to 14YO
1. Teams are formed based through a combination of parent requests, club placement and if necessary, a draft by the head coaches to equal the competitiveness as much as possible. We have not held a draft since 2019.

2. For where we have 8 or more teams, which we would expect in the 7/8YO-9/10YO-11/12YO Boys Rec divisions, we will separate each division into a North and South. 

3. Our rec divisions playing in our in-house tournament will not advance to the county tournament as the creation of our teams may differ from how the rest of the leagues create their teams.

4. REC Basketball Size & Goal Heights are as follows:
·       5/6YOs and 7/8YOs use a 27.5” basketball with 8’ goals
·       9/10YOs use a 28.5” basketball with 9’ goals
·       11/12YOs & Older Girls use a 28.5” basketball with 10’ goals
·       11/12YOs & Older Boys use a 29.5” (regulation) basketball with 10’ goals.

5. All games are 5 on 5 on the court. 

15/18YO Teams
1. The 15/18YO divisions is a bring your own team. We will help place free agents if any teams need additional players.

2. The minimum roster is 8 players. Any team with fewer will be required to pay the additional dollars to get to the minimum. We will collect from the head coach for the team.

3. Teams must have an adult as a head coach.

What the Registration Player Fees includes
1. Player reversible shirt and player shorts
2. Shirt for the head coach
3. Background checks for all head coaches (required every 3 years)
4. Practice fees to include gym supervisor pay
5. Game Day fees for scheduled games to include gym supervisors, game scorekeepers and referees
6. Cleaning supplies for gym usage
7. Game balls, scorebooks
8. End of season awards
- The 5/6yo age group will not have a tournament but each player will receive a participant award.
- Champion and runner up trophies are awarded for the in-house tournament
9. Player insurance coverage
10. Worker's comp policy coverage
Note1: The 3.4% credit card fee is paid by the person registering.
Note2: The $3 service fee (fee charged by webhost to process a registration) is paid by the person registering. 

Registration fees (Not Final)
$170   5/6YO
$185   7YO, 8YO, 9/10YO, 11/12YO Rec Divisions
$195   13-18YO Rec Divisions
Any player registered after 09/27/22 will be assessed a $10 late fee.

1. The last day to request a refund is 10/03/22. Up until that date, the registration refund supplied will be the amount paid minus the credit card processing fee minus a $20 processing fee.

2. After 10/03/22, no refund will be provided.

3. In the event of weather that results in school closing, we will attempt to make those games up if possible. We will not refund as a result of cancellations.

4. If we cannot place your player, we will refund the full amount paid.

We will provide each player a uniform (shorts and shirt). Since shirts are printed and cannot be returned, if a shirt has to be replaced due to larger sizing needed than requested in the registration record, the parent is responsible for that replacement cost.

1. All of our head coaches are to create a volunteer record. Each will be required to have a background check and a clear record within the last three years.

2. Only players, the head coach and one additional assistant coach will be allowed on the bench during a game. We will provide a team shirt to the head coach, so it is clear to the officials and workers as to who the head coach is.

3. When head coaches register, they will identify the desired day of practice and the desired gym to practice at. They will be notified later as to which practice slot they are given.

1. Our practices are planned to occur at:
·       Crockett Elementary
·       Jordan Elementary
·       Lipscomb Elementary
·       Edmondson Elementary

2. Practice times per team are for 60-minute scheduled slots each week once games start. 

3. When Williamson County schools are closed due to weather, practices are cancelled. 

4. The weekly practice times will occur on Sunday or a weekday. Practice starting times on a weekday (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur) will be as follows:
·       Crockett Elementary         6:10PM, 7:10PM, 8:10PM
·       Edmondson Elementary 6:00PM, 7:00PM, 8:00PM
·       Lipscomb Elementary       6:15PM, 7:15PM, 8:15PM
·       Jordan Elementary            6:20PM, 7:20PM, 8:20PM

5. Practice times on Sunday will start at 1:00PM, 2:00PM, 3:00PM, 4:00PM, 5:00PM

6. For 12YO and Younger, teams will be paired for practices with another like team as most will use the last part of their practice to scrimmage the team at the other half court.

7. Teams in our 13YO & older division will have a full court unless we have a space issue. If there is an issue, it would not be every week.

8. Our youngest age divisions will get the earliest start times with our oldest getting the later times.

Where Games Are Played
1. Home games will occur at one of our Brentwood gyms:
·       Crockett Elementary
·       Jordan Elementary
·       Lipscomb Elementary
·       Edmondson Elementary
·       Williamson County Indoor Rec Center (920 Heritage Way)
·       Brentwood Middle School

2. We expect all regular season games for 12YO & Younger Rec Division Boys to occur at one of the above Brentwood gyms. The reason for that is we expect to have more than four teams in each division, to have an even number of teams and that each week will be Brentwood versus Brentwood.

3. Games for divisions with four teams or less will play some games at Brentwood gyms and some games at gyms across Williamson County. Divisions with 4-6 teams may play only Brentwood vs Brentwood or may play some non-Brentwood teams. We will leave that with head coaches to decide.

When Games Are Played
1. League Game Days are expected as follows: Dec 3, 10, 17; Jan 7, 14, 21, 28; Feb 4

2. While games will last less than one hour, teams will typically have 5-10 minutes to warm up before a game. To note:
·       5/6YOs will play four 6-minute quarters; each player will attempt a free throw at half time - points scored count
·       7/8YOs will play four 6-minute quarters
·       9/10YOs will play four 7-minute quarters
·       11/12YO & older will play four 8-minute quarters

3. The in-house tournament for our rec divisions 7YO & Older will start right after the last league game, as early as Feb 5, and are likely to occur every day until the championships on or by Feb 12. This is weather dependent.

4. For those divisions we do not have an in-house tournament (those with less than 4 teams in a rec division), they will participate in the county wide tournament. It is expected to start Feb 13 and end by Feb 18.

5. We do not have a tournament for our 5/6YOs, but each player will receive a participant trophy at their last game on
Feb 4.

Key Dates
09/20 – Registration opens at 7:00PM
09/27 – Registration to be closed by this date or earlier
10/03 – Last day for a registration refund
10/17 – Team rosters to be set
11/05 – First day of practices
11/18 – Last Day of practices before Thanksgiving Break
11/27 – Practices resume after Thanksgiving Break
12/03 – First day of league games
12/16 – Last Day of practices before Christmas Break
01/02 – (Expected) Practices resume after Christmas Break
02/03 – Last day of practices
02/04 –Last league game planned
02/05 – First day of tournament games
02/18 – Last possible day of tournament games

Weather Impacts
1. When Williamson County schools are closed due to weather, practices are cancelled.

2. When schools are closed on Fridays due to weather, WCPR will determine by 7:30AM Saturday morning if games will be played.

3. We will update via Twitter, send an email blast, and will update our website with one of the rotating pictures to state if games are cancelled.


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