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Remaining Key Dates for the Summer 2024 Season
06/10/24 – Games start.
07/11/24 – Last day for a makeup game.
Once games start, practices are optional.

Please refer to the Rules of Play Summer link for rules for each division.

Below is our "Summer League" baseball & softball program description:
1. The summer season will consist of 6 games occurring between June 10 and July 12, all at Civitan Park (behind Lipscomb Elementary School). We will not schedule games from July 3-7. There are two weekends (June 1-2, June 8-9) to schedule 2 practices prior to games starting. Once games start, teams may practice on the weekends if desired. 

2. Games are timed as: 
90 minutes for 9/10YO and 11/12YO
60 minutes for 4/5, 6YO, 7YO and 8YO
Games will stop at time during the middle of an inning if time is reached. Time starts no later than the scheduled game start time.

3. Depending on player counts, teams may have games on any weekday evening or Saturday mornings. We will try to limit weekend games where possible. See link at the top though.

4. For 7YO and older, while the score is not kept and scoreboards will not be used, there is a 5-run limit per inning. There are no run rule (mercy rule) limits as the game will end at time. 

5. Players can play in the same division as their spring 2024 season or one division up. You don't have to be a participant from our spring season to participate in the summer season. Age divisions are based on player age as of 05/01/24 for baseball and 09/01/23 for softball. 

6. The league will provide player shirts for each team and a shirt for the head coach. Players to participate will wear the league provided shirts.

7. Because of the varying summer heat, baseball pants or softball pants are not a requirement. Shorts can be worn but understand that does create sliding limits for players. During registration process, you can purchase baseball or softball pants when registering. Pants will be supplied to your head coach when they pick up their team shirts. 

8. The league provides balls for all games. Players provide their own bat, glove and helmet.

9. Due to the summer heat, umpires may call pitches for kid pitch behind the pitcher's mound. 

10. We will use one umpire for 7YO & older. Our club will provide ALL umpires for both baseball and softball. 

11. Baseball registration is co-ed. Softball registration is female only. Teams will create their own team names.

12. All games are to occur between the teams within our league. 

13. Unlike our spring and fall seasons, there are no non-residency fees to apply for anyone that lives outside the city of Brentwood. 

14. Teams are formed based on parent requests, neighborhoods, and schools although we reserve the right to adjust rosters to improve competitiveness of each team. While travel players are welcome, this is a recreational program so no already formed travel teams will play. Teams will be limited to no more than 4 travel players on one team.

15. We will follow the bat rules of our baseball recreation program for the spring 2024 season where all bats must have the factory stamp of "USA Baseball". Softball bat requirements will follow our spring 2024 softball rules. 

16. All registrations occur through our website. When registering, a user will be charged a $3 service fee and a credit card processing fee. The service fee applies per transaction and to avoid $3 per player, you can register more than one player in the one transaction. 

Current registration rates (as of April 2) subject to change:
$105 for 4/5YO Co-ed Baseball, 6YO Co-ed Baseball
$125 for 7YO Baseball, 8YO Baseball, 7/8YO Softball
$140 for 9/10YO Baseball, 9/10YO Softball, 11/12YO Baseball, 11/13YO Softball 

How to Get Started Log into your account. Click Programs Available to the right of your player's name. Complete the registration all the way through the payment screen. 

Format of the Divisions
A. For the 4/5YO division, we would encourage all of our coaches to have players bat from a tee for games. This allows swing development. As the season progresses, a coach may attempt to pitch to each batter from a short distance (15' or less) and usually from one knee. 
B. For the 6YO age division, a coach will attempt to pitch to each batter from a short distance (15' or less) and usually from one knee. If the batter is unsuccessful at five pitches, a tee is used. Batters may immediately use a tee if desired or needed. 
C. For 7/8YO, this is coach pitch play where the pitching distance is 35' away from home plate. A coach pitches to players. Teams play with four outfielders.
D. For 9/10YO, this is kid pitch play with a mound at 35' for softball and an elevated mound at 46' feet for baseball. 
E. For 11/12YO baseball, this is kid pitch play with an elevated mound at 50' feet. Runners are allowed to lead off. 
F. For 11/13YO softball, this is kid pitch play with a mound at 40' feet.
See Rules of Play for the specific rules used by division.

: When you are at our website (, in the upper right, there are two links shown as "Register | Login". As a new user, click the "Register" link. The system will ask you for an email address and then you will create a password. The system will then send an email to the email address you used asking you to verify your email address. Once that is complete, the system will start the registration process.

If your player ends up on the wait list, if and once activated, you will have 24 hours to pay. The reason for the limit is because if activated, it would likely be during the roster setting process, so we have a short window to complete.


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