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Updated 06/15/23

Registration opened at 9:00PM on June 15. Last day for the early bird savings is June 25.

FALL 2023 Recreational Baseball Program

The Brentwood Ball Club provides an opportunity for players up to 18 years old to have a place to play organized baseball in the city of Brentwood. As the service provider of baseball for the City of Brentwood, 75% of our 12YO & Younger players must reside in the city of Brentwood, while 60% of our 13YO & Older players must reside in the city of
Brentwood. 85% of our players must reside in Williamson County.

We pay the City of Brentwood Parks & Recreation Department a $25 fee per player for each player that resides outside the city of Brentwood (to be shown as Non-Resident fee) and pay an additional $10 fee for players outside Williamson County (to be shown as Non-Williamson County Resident Fee). These fees are paid during the registration process by parents if their player does not live in the city of Brentwood and/or in Williamson County.

The capacity of our program is not unlimited, and some divisions will reach a wait list prior to the official close date of registration, if you don't register early in the process. Any player registering after we are full (to the Wait list) is not guaranteed a spot on a team. 

Age Divisions We Offer
4-5YO       players cannot turn 6 before May 1, 2024 (min age - must be 4 by July 1, 2024)
6YO           players cannot turn 7 before May 1, 2024
7YO           players cannot turn 8 before May 1, 2024
8YO           players cannot turn 9 before May 1, 2024
9YO           players cannot turn 10 before May 1, 2024
10YO         players cannot turn 11 before May 1, 2024
11-12YO    players cannot turn 13 before May 1, 2024
13-15YO   players cannot turn 16 before May 1, 2024
Grade exceptions to play an age lower is allowed and will be considered on a player-by-player basis. We do not refund the difference in the divisions in a transfer down.

Format of the Age Divisions
Please refer to our Baseball Rules Progression link to understand the progression by age division of our rules.
-   For both 4/5YO and 6YO age divisions, a coach will attempt to pitch to each batter from a short distance (15' or less) and usually from one knee. If the batter is unsuccessful at five pitches, a tee is used. Batters may immediately use a tee if desired or needed.
-   For both 7YO and 8YO, this is coach pitch play where the pitching distance is 35' away from home plate. A coach pitches to players. Teams play with four outfielders.
-   For 9YO and 10YO, this is kid pitch play with a mound at 46' feet. 
-   For 11/12YO, this is kid pitch play with a mound at 50' feet. Runners are allowed to lead off. 
-   For 13YO & Older, this is kid pitch play with a mound at 60' 6" feet. Runners are allowed to lead off. 

Age Division to Register for
We do not keep score in the fall like we do in the spring and players in the fall will play in the age division they will play the next spring (2024).

We suggest unless your player is advanced, to register your player for the youngest age division offered. Parent owns responsibility for the correct birthdate of their player in their account.
Players that exceed the age cutoff can file for a grade exemption if they are in the target grade for an age division. The following exemptions apply for the fall 2023/spring 2024 seasons, where the age division is based on the player’s age on 05/01/24.

Grade Exemption Requests
6yos (kindergarten): A player that turns 7 prior to 05/01/24, but is in the kindergarten, can request an exemption to play in the 6yo division.
7yos (1st graders): A player that turns 8 prior to 05/01/24, but is in the first grade, can request an exemption to play in the 7yo division.
8yos (2nd graders): A player that turns 9 prior to 05/01/24, but is in the second grade, can request an exemption to play in the 8yo division.
9yos (3rd graders): A player that turns 10 prior to 05/01/24, but is in the third grade, can request an exemption to play in the 9yo division.
10yos (4th graders): A player that turns 11 prior to 05/01/24, but is in the fourth grade, can request an exemption to play in the 10yo division.
11/12yos (6th graders): A player that turns 13 prior to 05/01/24, but is in the sixth grade, can request an exemption to play in the 11/12yo division.

How to Register:
Click here if you do not have an account through our website and need help registering.

Fees When Registering
Division Price
This fee represents the price of the age division you register for. Included in this price is:
(1) Shirt, cap, pants, belt for each player (we provide socks for 8YO & Younger)
(2) Shirt, cap for head coach and for up to two assistant coaches (must have volunteer record complete)
(3) Practice space from 08/03 to 10/10
(4) Game day equipment - game balls for all divisions, batting tees as needed for 4-6YOs and catcher's gear for 7YO-12YO
(5) Umpire fees for all league games 7YO & Older
(6) Player insurance
(7) Participant trophies for 4/5YOs and 6YOs
We do not provide practice balls.
We do not provide catcher's gear for 13YO & Older play.

Processing Fee
The credit card "processing fee" is what the credit card company charges to process your payment. 

Service Fee
This $3 fee is charged by our webhost for every transaction that occurs. If you are registering more than one player, you can register them together and avoid paying the fee for every player.

Non-Resident Fee
As the service provider of baseball for the City of Brentwood, we pay the City of Brentwood a $25 fee per player that resides outside the city of Brentwood.

Non-Williamson County Resident Fee
As the service provider of baseball for the City of Brentwood, we also pay an additional $10 fee for players outside Williamson County.

Late Fees
While we do not want to charge any late fees, we need to plan our season which includes setting teams, ordering uniforms, etc. A late registration fee of $15 will start on 07/10/23.

Early Bird Discount
We do offer a $15.00 per player early bird discount for the first two weeks of registration (last day as June 25).  Your order has to be submitted by you before the cutoff, regardless of what the delay is.

No refunds occur after 07/19/23. Until then, we will refund the price paid less $3 service fee and $20 handling fee.

Player Shirt Sizing
The size shirt we provide to players is based on the size selecting by the registering parent. We will provide that size or one size larger.

If a parent selects the wrong size when registering and the shirt is already printed when the error is determined, the parent would be required to purchase a replacement shirt.

How Teams are Formed
Teams are formed in the fall based on parent requests.
-   No one team can have more than 4 players that played travel baseball in the spring for that age division. If the player is moving up an age and played travel, that is ok (i.e. played 8YO travel and can play 10YO rec but not 9YO rec).
-   Since we create rosters based on parent requests and some coaches will have more requests than roster spots, you should reach out to a coach if specifically requesting that coach to determine if that coach will have room for your player on their roster. We leave it to the coach to decide when they have more requests than roster spots.
-   As well, if more than 4 players are wanting to be kept as a group onto one team, we would urge one of the parents to register as a head coach.

Coach Requirements
(1) To be recognized as a coach, you must create a volunteer record every season. The Volunteer record captures the Concussion Checklist and the Code of Conduct Agreement.
(2) Submit to a background check every 3 years - click here
(3) Safe keeping & management of your league provided equipment, and return at end of season
(4) Complete player exit ratings (7YO & Older) as requested
(5) Attend our coach meetings

Where to Complete Online Volunteer (Coach) Concussion Training
In completing a volunteer form, coaches commit to completing online concussion training every three years. Here are a couple of suggested locations to complete: 

When Practices Occur
Practices may occur any day of the week at Civitan Park or Crockett Park for 12YO & Younger. For 13YO & Older, practices will occur at Granny White Park or Woodland Middle School.

The length of practice will depend on the age group. Our 4/5YOs and 6YOs will have 60-minute practices. Our 7YOs and 8YOs will have 90-minute practices. Our 9/10YOs and 11/12YOs will have 90 to 105-minute practices. Our 13YO and older will have 105 to 120-minute practices.

Practice times start during the week at 5:00PM. Weekday times are typically as follows:
5/6YOs practice 5:00-6:15 or 6:15-7:30.
7/8YOs practice 5:00-6:30 or 6:30-8:00.
9/10YOs and 11/12YOs practice 5:00-6:45 or 6:45-8:30.
13/15YOs practice 5:00-7:00 or 7:00-9:00

Weekend practices usually start as early as 9:00AM on Saturdays and 12:30PM on Sundays.

Prior to games starting, teams will be scheduled for two practice slots per week - one weekday, one weekend. Once games start, it is one per week and whether a head coach will practice every week may vary.
Note: Once games start, only 7YO & older will have a weekly practice time.

Once we determine the number of teams we will have and we finalize our head coach list, we will then start the process of working with head coaches to set practice times. The practice schedule will be set by July 20.

Where Games Are Played
Games and practices for ages up to 12-years old occur at Civitan Park and at Crockett Park. Home games and practices for ages 13/15 year olds occur at Granny White Park. It is possible we could use Woodland Middle School for some 13YO and older games.

When Games Are Played
The game schedule for the season will be set on 08/01/23.

-   4/5YOs and 6YOs will play a weekday game and then a game on Saturday. More weekday games will occur on Monday. For Labor Day week, we will play that Tuesday.
7YOs will play Tuesdays and Saturdays. Due to turf usage possibilities, some games may occur on different days such as Mondays.
-   8YOs will play Thursdays and Saturdays. Due to turf usage possibilities, some games may occur on different days such as Mondays.
-   9/10YOs will play one weekday game either on Tuesday or Thursday and then all teams will play a game on Saturday
-   11/12YOs will play games on either Tuesday and Saturday or Thursday and Saturday.
-   13YOs & Older are planned to play one game each Tuesday and one game each Saturday. 


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