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Updated 03/28/24


Cancellation Notice Approach
The first notice of a closing occurs via Twitter from @bwoodcivitan. We will update the Field Status section on our website for a status by park. When possible, we will send an email blast to all participants to notify them of a closing. We will not send emails to notify fields are open, only when they are closed. 

Timing for park status
The city of Brentwood Park & Rec Department will decide the status of Crockett Park (615-373-7752) and Granny White Park (615-373-8310) during the week between 3:30PM to 4:00PM and on the weekend by 8:00AM.

Our club will decide the status of Civitan Park during the week by 4:00PM, will decide Saturday by 7:30AM and decide Sunday by 10:30AM. We do not have access to the park when school is in session.

Any other park decisions are decided by other leagues, and we will communicate that information as soon as we receive it.

Cancellation Determination Approach
If rain projections are 70% or higher one hour prior to the start of a scheduled game, that game will be cancelled. If rain projections are less than 70%, we will monitor and make the best estimate of expected conditions. 

If the weather changes at any time, games will be cancelled with or without notice. 

If weather is expected to impact games prior to scheduled game time, we may shorten the end time of games.

We will follow the policy for Extreme Heat (click here) identified by Williamson County Park & Rec (WCPR).

We follow what the "feels like temperature" is for cold weather. If at 5:30PM (usual first game start time) the temperature "feels like" is below 40, games are cancelled.

At Crockett Park, a lightning detection system is in place to detect lightning across a 3-mile radius. The system will notify by intercom that lightning has been detected and to seek shelter.

At all other parks where a detection system is not in place, visual observation or a lightning strike app may be used.

Any game or practice stopped for lightning requires a wait of 20 minutes for all clear.

Rescheduling of games and practices

For the spring, games will be rescheduled if possible. Practices will not be rescheduled although head coaches can review our schedule for any future openings to request use of.

In the summer, any game once started will not be replayed/rescheduled. Practices will not be rescheduled.

In the fall, any game once started will not be replayed/rescheduled. Practices will not be rescheduled.

Scoring of Games Impacted by Weather
Below is how we will handle the scoring of baseball games where the game is stopped by weather:
-        If the game is stopped during the 3rd inning or later or at or near the halfway time limit of the scheduled game, the game will be determined as complete, based on the score for the last completed inning.
-        If the game is stopped prior to the above and the game is rescheduled, 7-8YO games will start over and be replayed with a 40-minute time limit. The 9-12YO games will start over and will be replayed with a 60-minute time limit.

Cancellation Notification Approach
First notice of a gym closing occurs via Twitter from @bwoodcivitan followed by an email blast to all participants.

For ice/snow
If schools are closed because of snow or ice, WCPR will work with WCS to determine gym usage. In most cases, the gyms are closed.   


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