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Updated 06/22/23

For Heat (high temperatures)
We follow the policy for Extreme Heat (click here) identified by WCPR. When the heat index is 104 or higher, no practices or games are to occur. When less, please click on the policy above for the precautions we will follow.

For Lightning
In the event of lightning, any field usage is to stop (everyone off the field, seek shelter) and must wait 20 minutes for all clear. At Crockett Park, a lightning detection system is in place to detect lightning across a 3-mile radius. The system will notify by intercom that lightning has been detected and to seek shelter. If you are at Crockett, these are the requirements to follow – off the field until the 20 minutes have expired. In the event of lightning strikes continuing to be detected, the park will be closed. At all other parks where a detection system is not in place, visual observation is used.

Cancellation Approach

1. First notice of a closing occurs via Twitter from @bwoodcivitan.
2. We will update our Field Status update on our website when a change occurs. If you see ‘open’ from a previous day, that means we are still open.
3. If we are impacted by weather prior to 4PM on a weekday or 8AM on a Saturday or 11AM on a Sunday, we will send an email blast to notify of a closing. After those times, updates typically occur by Twitter and Field Status link updates. We note typically because we will send an email blast only if possible.

We will not send emails to notify fields are open, only when they are closed. 

If canceled, we will reschedule games with 48-hour notice.

Scoring of Games Impacted by Weather
In the summer and fall, any game once started will not be replayed/rescheduled.

For the spring, below is how we will handle the scoring of baseball games and any in-house softball games where the game is stopped by weather, depending on when the game is stopped:

1.  If the game is stopped during the 1st inning, the game will be rescheduled and restarted in its entirety.
2.  If the game is stopped during the 2nd inning, the game will restart with the same conditions (i.e. who is on base, outs) and be completed based on the remaining time UNLESS more than half the game time has been used and one team leads by 7 or more. The final score is recorded as when stopped.
3.   If the game is stopped during the 3rd inning or later, the game will be determined as complete, based on the score for the last completed inning.


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