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Updated 02/13/24

Required Behavior for all participants / attendees for any activity:

1. All coaches, parents, players and anyone at our parks are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful, considerate, and supportive to our program and its participants. This includes coach to coach, parent to parent, player to player, coach to umpire, parent to umpire, player to umpire, etc.

2. There is not an appeal process for an ejection. An ejection is final. A coach ejected during the game occurs for that game plus the next game.

3. If an official's (umpire or referee) call needs to be discussed, that must occur by the head coach. Assistant coaches coming onto the field to argue a call with an official will be ejected from the game.

4. Any parent arguing from the stands may lead to an ejection and that is a decision we leave with our officials. If any parent is ejected from any of our games, the head coach of the team is also ejected. The parent ejected is to be suspended the next 2 games (cannot attend), but the head coach will face no further suspension.

5. If a parent comes onto the field to argue a call or play or to make any type of comment about officiating, they will be banned from our program for one year from the date of the incident.

6. Any discussing or arguing calls after the game by any coach, parent, fan, or player to an official is considered confronting an official and this will result in an ejection for the next 2 games. As such, anything other than thank you or good game may result in an ejection.

7. Any ejected person must leave the park after an ejection within 5 minutes. Failure to do so will result in a 1-year suspension from the date of the incident. Being ejected in a game and returning to the park during the game or after the game while the team is present will result in a 1-year suspension from the date of the incident.

8. Any person involved in fighting will be immediately removed from the park or gym and will be banned from the league and facilities for 3 years from the date of the incident. This removes the players from participation during this period.

9. Use of profanity or any offensive language not suitable for children will result in an immediate ejection and removal from the park. Determination if not suitable will be at the official's discretion.

10. Understand that about 90% of the plays are obvious and do not need an objective party to make the call. Officials, though, are human. And this means they are going to make mistakes. Prepare for that. How you react sets the example for your player for a lifetime.

11. Coaches cannot overrule a call made by an umpire. If that occurs in a game, both head coaches are ejected for the next two games. This is a teaching moment for kids to respect a decision made by an official, which can be comparable to a teacher, supervisor, etc. decision.

12. Any coach, player, or parent who receives a second ejection in one single season will be banned for 1 calendar year from the date of the incident.

13. Any team who receives two ejections during a single season will face a 1-game suspension. That single game will end in a forfeit for that team. Any team who receives 3 ejections during a single season will be suspended for the remainder of the season, including tournament play if the third ejection occurs during the spring season.


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