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Updated 06/20/24

FALL 2024 Travel Softball Program (registration opened 06/19)

The Brentwood Ball Club provides an opportunity for youth players to have a place to play organized softball in the city of Brentwood. As the service provider of baseball for the City of Brentwood, 75% of our 12YO & Younger players must reside in the city of Brentwood, while 60% of our 13YO & Older players must reside in the city of Brentwood. 85% of our players must reside in Williamson County across all ages.

While players residing outside the city of Brentwood are welcomed, they will have to pay non-resident fees to participate in our fall season. Nonresident fees are collected every season - spring, then again in the fall. A $50.00 Non-Resident Fee is charged if your player does not reside in the city of Brentwood. A $50.00 Non-Williamson County Resident Fee is charged if your player does not reside in Williamson County. Both fees are transferred to the city of Brentwood Park & Rec Department in September.

What we offer
The fall season starts 08/02 and ends 11/17. Click here the options we offer for travel softball. Teams would select one package. All of our registration fees include field maintenance and supplemental player insurance (you can use this at tournaments). The first usage space for Monday thru Friday starts at 5:00PM and is typically 105 minutes (to 6:45PM). The second practice slot at 6:45PM can go longer. Saturday space is 105-minutes starting at 9:00AM. Depending on demand on Sundays, usage provided will range from 90-minutes to 105 minutes. The last slot on Saturdays and Sundays can go longer.

Registration Process
Coaches register their team through their account at our website. If you (the coach or registering parent) do not have an account, you will need to create one and then create yourself as a player. If you as the coach are not shown as a player, you would click "Add Player" if there are already players listed in your account or click "Register a Player" if the account has no players listed.

Here are the steps to register your team for the fall season:
(1) Complete the registration online.
(2) Complete the team roster. 
(3) Complete the price sheet.
(4) Pay the registration balance - for registration fees, nonresident fees & any required background checks.
(5) Have all of the coaches to complete a volunteer form.
(6) Have all coaches submit to a background check as determined by club as needed.

Registration Instructions
Step #1 – Complete the online registration
   (a) Log into your account at
   (b) Select Programs Available to the right of your name. Select program (i.e. package).
   (c) Complete two registration questions. Complete all the way through the payment screen. 
   Note: We will collect $150 in the process, which serves as a deposit and part of the final fees.

Step #2A – Complete the team roster form
   (a) Download the roster form – click here.
   (b) Complete the roster form and email back in Excel format to [email protected].

Step #2B –We update the team roster form and return to the head coach
   (a) We will add the non-resident fees by player.
   (b) We will add the background check status for each coach.
   (c) We will return the ‘final’ roster form back to the head coach by email.

Step #2C –After receiving the final roster entries from us, the head coach will then:
   (a) Get parent initials to the “final roster form’ (for agreement to the waivers on the roster form).
   (b) Once parent initials (pen to paper) are collected, the head coach will scan and email the roster back to us.

Step #3 – Submitting the price sheet
   (a) Based on package registered for, complete and return the sheet to us – click here.
   Note: The price sheet cannot be completed until the roster is complete.

Step #4 – Complete payment
   (a) Following steps 1,2,3 completed, we will identify the balance due.
   Note1: Payment options are to pay by check or by credit card.
   Note2: If by credit card, a processing fee for credit card use, which is ~3.4% of the amount due, will apply.

Step #5 – Completing the coach volunteer form
   (a) Every coach is to create an offline volunteer form – click here.
   Note: Forms completed from the spring (2024) can be used in the fall.

Step #6 – Submitting background checks
   (a) All coaches (head and assistant) will submit to a background check – click here.
   Note1: These are required every 3 years.
   Note2: Wait until our club identifies who needs to complete before submitting.
   Note3: Travel teams are financially responsible for any background checks required ($11 each).



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