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Baseball, Softball, Basketball

Baseball, Softball, Basketball

Updated 12/01/20

Spring 2021 Softball 

The Brentwood Ball Club provides an opportunity for girls up to 13 years old to have a place to play organized softball in the city of Brentwood. As the service provider of baseball for the City of Brentwood, we pay the City of Brentwood a $25 fee per player that resides outside the city of Brentwood (to be shown as Non-Resident fee) and pay an additional $10 fee for players outside Williamson County. If you register in our program, your player will be placed on a team regardless of where you live (in or out of the city of Brentwood, in or out of Williamson County). We are happy to have you with us wherever you live. 

How to Get Started & How To Register
Skip this if you already have an account. If you do not, when you are at our website (, in the upper right, there are two links shown as "Register / Login". As a new user, click the "Register" link. Under the "New Customer Primary Contact", enter all information and then click "Create New Account".

Once you create an account, in the future, click the "Login" link. When you log in, "My Account" will appear or sometimes in the upper right, you have to click "My Account".

To register a player for a season, if you have never registered/created a participant record, first click the "Add Participant" link which can be found to the right of Participants at the circle with three dots. Once you add a participant (i.e. player) to your account, that record remains in the system.

Each season, after you log in, you would click the "Programs Available" link to the right of your player's name to register for a program. 

To successfully register for a program, you must complete all the way through the payment process. Once successfully done, an email confirmation will be sent to you. Please note anytime you need to change your contact info or your participant info, you just need to log into your account and make the change.

Your Account Info
Please note anytime you need to change your contact info or your participant info, you can log into your account and make the change. Your account info can be changed by clicking the jagged wheel once logged in at the upper right. To change registration info including requests for your player, click the crayon icon to the right of your player’s name and make your changes.

Age Divisions
5/6U Coach Pitch / Tee Ball (players cannot be 7 before Sept 1, 2020)
7/8U Coach Pitch (players cannot be 9 before Sept 1, 2020)
9/10U Kid Pitch (players cannot be 11 before Sept 1, 2020)
11/13U (players cannot be 14 before Sept 1, 2020)

What Division to Register to: 
Based on age, most players will have the opportunity to register for the division of their current age and one age group higher. We suggest unless your player is definitely advanced, to register your player for the youngest age division offered.

Registration Capacity 

The capacity of our program is not unlimited, and divisions will reach a wait list prior to the late period.

Registration fees for the recreational programs 
$160           5/6YO
$173           7/8YO
$178           9/10YO Division B
$185           9/10YO Division A, 11/13YO

Registration fees include:

A. Full uniform (shirt, socks, pants for 9/10YO, 11/13YO and shorts for 5/6YO, 7/8YO) for each player
B. Shirt for head coach and for up to two assistant coaches (must have volunteer record complete)
C. Practice softballs for the team given to the head coach
D. Umpire fees for all league games 
E. Field prep costs through end of season
F. League insurance
G. Catcher's gear for the team
H. End of season tournament fees for 7/8YO, 9/10YO and 11/13YO age divisions
J. Participation trophies for each player in the 5/6YO division as they won't be in the tournament

Uniform Sizing 
We will order the size you request for your player. Our supplier does not offer softball YXL. If requested, we will substitute with Adult Small.

Our Registration Discounts
For each sibling after the first player registration, a $5 sibling discount applies for the 2nd player, $7 for the third player and $9 for the fourth player.

Our Registration Non-Residency Fees
If you are not a resident of the city of Brentwood, there will be a “non-resident” fee of $25 added at the time of registration check out. If you do not reside in Williamson County, there will be an additional $10 fee. These fees are required by the city and county for us to collect.

Late Fees

While we do not want to charge any late fees, we need to plan our season which includes setting teams, ordering uniforms, etc. A late registration fee of $10 will start on 02/01/21. And, we will continue to accept registrations as long as we have space available. 

A. Any cancellation of a player's registration will result in a refund of the amount paid less the $3 service fee (that is the web host fee), less the credit processing fee, less any late fees and a one-time $10 handling fee.
B. A refund request will be accepted up to the late fee date for the sport you are registering for. That Late Fee date is shown in the Key Dates link on the website. After that date, we would only refund if a replacement player is found. If not, no refund will be provided.
C. Should we have a re-occurrence of a COVID-19 shut down, the amount of the refund will be amount paid less the $3 service fee (that is the web host fee), less the credit processing fee, less any late fee and a one-time $10 handling fee. If uniforms are already printed, we will ensure each player receives their uniform as that amount will not be refunded.
D. We do not refund because someone is unhappy with the results of team placement or unhappy with the practice day. Our teams may practice on any day of the week.

How our Teams are formed: 

A. Our teams are formed based on parent requests, neighborhoods, or school zones. And adjusted to sure equal competitiveness across our teams.
B. In the registration process, you will be asked to provide information and will be provided the opportunity to make requests for a coach, or to be paired with players, etc. Please make sure you enter requests during the registration process.
C. You can update your requests even after you register by logging in, clicking on the crayon icon to the right of the player’s name and then simply updating the record.
D. Some head coaches may get more requests of players for their team than are roster spots. When that occurs, we leave it to the coach to decide which players will be on their team.
E. If you are a parent without a request for a teammate or coach, we will do our best to group your player by school zone or neighborhood.

Coach Requirements are as follows: 
(1) Create a volunteer record every season
(2) Complete concussion training (online concussion checklist) every 3 years 
(3) Submit to a background check every 3 years
(4) Complete the online Code of Conduct (one time lifetime completion)
(5) Safe keeping & management of your league provided equipment, and return at end of season
(6) Complete player exit ratings (7YO & Older) as requested
(7) Attend our coach meetings
For assistance on all of the above, click the How To For Coaches link on our website.

To be recognized as wanting to coach, you must create a Volunteer record.

When Practices Occur
A. Practices may occur any day of the week at Civitan Park or Crockett Park.
B. The length of practice will depend on the age group. Our younger ages will get shorter times (60-75 minutes) and older age groups will get longer times (up to 90 minutes).
C. Prior to games starting, teams will be scheduled for two practice slots per week. Once games start, it is one per week and the frequency of use by head coach may vary. Once games start, our youngest groups usually don't practice as three days a week is too much.
D. Player refunds are not provided based on an undesired practice slot. 

Where Games Are Played
WCPR will schedule home games for the Brentwood teams at Crockett Park (located behind Crockett Elementary School). Other games may occur at Fly Park or at the parks of neighboring leagues.

When Games Are Played
5/6U Coach Pitch/Tee - Thursday + Saturday
7/8U Coach Pitch - Tuesday + Saturday
9/10U Fast Pitch Level A - Tuesday + Saturday
9/10U Fast Pitch Level B - Thursday + Saturday
11/12U Fast Pitch - Mondays + Saturday
WCPR schedules weekday games to start at 6PM.

Rec Division Regular Season, End of Season Tournament
A. The single elimination tournament will be set by WCPR and we do not have that timing yet for when this will occur in May.

WCPR will supply all umpires for all games.


Brentwood Ball Club
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