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RULES for 11/12YO Girls

 – 28.5” ball / 10’ goal             

- A team must have five players in order to start a game. Teams have 10 minutes to comply with this requirement. Once the number of players for a team gets down to less than two, the game will be called, and a forfeit will be declared for that team.
- When facing the scorer’s table from the center of the court, the home team sits to the left and will warm up before the game on the opposite end. They also use that basket in the 1st half.
- Each team brings their own balls to warm up prior to a game.
- The home team wears the white side of the player shirts.
- Only the Head Coach and one Assistant Coach will be allowed on the team bench during a game.
- Teams are provided 3 timeouts per game plus one timeout for overtime.
- In case of a tie, overtime applies as one minute, one minute followed by first to score.
- If a player on the floor becomes injured during a play and a foul is called and they cannot shoot the free throw, the substitute player must come in and shoot the free throw. If no substitute is available, then the coach may select a player on the court to shoot the free throws.

- Every player must wear the shirt provided for this season or if not, they cannot participate in their game.


- All coaches must remain in front of their team bench or be subject to a technical foul.
- Any player or coach (regardless of the number of teams they coach) receiving two technical fouls for unsportsmanlike conduct during the season will automatically receive a one game suspension. 
- Any player or coach assessed a second technical foul in a single game will be required to leave the property immediately.  League suspension will be enforced in the next scheduled game. 
- Any player or coach, (regardless of the number of teams they coach) receiving a total of three technical fouls during the season will be suspended for the remainder of the season for all teams, including the post-season tournament. 
- Any team receiving a total of three technical fouls in a single game will result in a forfeit of the game at the time of the third technical foul called and suspension from the next scheduled game. 
- Any team receiving a total of three technical fouls throughout the season will automatically receive a one game suspension.
- Any person receiving a game suspension is not allowed at the gym at any time. 


- Any player participating in a violent act, such as fighting, biting, kicking, or swinging at another player, etc., shall receive a two-game suspension on the first offense and permanent dismissal from the league on the second offense.  A technical foul must be called on the player. 
- Any player or coach under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal drug, participating in any game or practice, shall be dismissed from the league immediately. 
- Any player attempting to dunk or grab on to the rim will automatically receive a technical foul and be ejected from the game and will not be allowed to play for the remainder of the game. 
- Spectators are not allowed to harass players for the opposing team.

- Each player must play two complete quarters (from beginning to end).

- A game consists of four 8-minute quarters with a running clock. The clock stops for timeouts, free throws and then the last 10-seconds of the first three quarters and last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter on the referee whistle.
- In case of a 15-point lead, the clock will not stop.

- All other play will be governed by the rules set forth by the National Federation of State High School Association.

- This division will play in the county wide tournament.


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