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1.   Each player for a team must have a matching uniform and no numbers can be duplicated. The player is ineligible if this is not met.
2.   The tournament will provide game balls to the umpires for each game. Teams are to help in the return of balls outside the fence.
3.  Only one-piece catcher's helmets are allowed.
4.   Only baseball bats with a BPF 1.15 are allowed.
5.   No metal cleats are allowed.

Field & Game Limits
1.   Teams must be ready to start up to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game start.
2.   All home teams will be preset for pool play and for the single elimination tournament, the better seed is the home team. The home team will be in the 3rd base dugout and the visiting team will be in the 1st dugout.
3.   The visiting team must supply an adult to manage the scorebook. The home team will keep the official book.
4.   The coach that attends the plate meeting prior to the game will be the only coach that communicates with the umpires on rulings and calls throughout the game.
5.   Because multiple fields will have games, music by any team is not allowed.
6.   Pool games may end in a tie. Single elimination ties will use international rules (runner starting at 2B) in each extra inning.
7.   Players must be at the game at the start time in the dugout to be eligible to play.
8.   Teams can choose to bat 9 or bat 9 with DH or bat 10 with EH or bat the entire roster with free substitution in the field.
9.   If not batting all players, (a) starters may re-enter the game one time, in the same batting order spot as the game started; (b) substitutes cannot return to the game after first entry, then exit.
10.   The game limit if 6 innings or no new inning to start after 95 minutes, whichever occurs first.
11.   Mercy run rules apply as: 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 after 4 innings and 8 after 5 innings.

Coach Participation & Positioning
1.   No more than 4 coaches can participate to coach during a game.
2.   When on offense, teams can have a 1st base coach, a 3rd base coach and one coach in front of the dugout. The remaining 4th coach must be in the dugout.
3.   When on defense, teams are limited to one coach being in front of the dugout. All other coaches must be in the dugout. The one coach standing in front of the dugout must remain in front of the dugout and not towards home plate or a base or the outfield.

Pitching (Not Final as of 09/14)
1.   We will not track pitches and innings. Below represents our recommended pitch counts. It is the responsibility of the coaches, parents, and players to manage pitch counts.

2.   If three batters are hit during the game by a pitcher, that pitcher must be pulled from pitching and cannot return to pitch later in the same game.
3.   The pitcher must be pulled on the 2nd trip to the mound in the same inning.
4.   A pitcher may not re-enter the same game as a pitcher.
5.   Fake bunting and swinging for a pitch is not allowed and the batter will be called out.
6.   Balks are called as they occur.
7.   A 3B to 1B pitching move is called a balk.

Base running
1.   Players must attempt to avoid contact. A player can be called out if contact is not avoided; this is a judgment call by the umpire.
2.   Courtesy runners can be used for catchers. Use a substitute if not batting all players or if batting all players, use the last batted out as the courtesy runner. 

Tie Breaker Seeding
1.   The seeding for the tournament from pool play will be based on the win/loss record and the tie breaker occurs in the following order:
a. Head-to-Head when two teams are tied
b. Runs Allowed (used when 3 or more teams are tied)
c. Run Differential
d. Coin Toss


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